Her life was turned upside down back in 2019 after she became a trending topic. T.I. and his teen daughter were entangled in “Hymengate” those years ago, but they’ve since mended fences and repaired their father-daughter relationship. However, whenever Deyjah mentions the rapper, the public sends off negative responses, and after this last clash with her Twitter followers, Deyjah has decided not to mention him any longer.

On Instagram, Deyjah hosted one of her “Ask Me Anything” sessions and someone wanted to know why she decided to remove a recent tweet. In it, Deyjah detailed waking up in the early morning hours to her father asking if she wanted juice, then immediately feeling charley horse in her leg. It was a random tweet with no real purpose other than to share a story, but people insinuated all sorts of inappropriate scenarios.


Deyjah started her answer by saying she was aware that there would be some people who misconstrued the purpose of the post. She wanted to highlight getting a charley horse, but many readers were only interested in assuming why her father was giving her juice at that time. “Making DISGUSTING assumptions,” she wrote.

“I’m the type of person to include every detail in a story lol,” she continued. “Imma tell you what time it was, what color the sky was, what type of mattress i was laying on (i’m being facetious but y’all get what I’m saying!!) so that’s why i said the juice part, what time it was, etc. but it was completely blown out of proportion.”

“I know that if I said my mom brought the juice, it wouldn’t have been as serious,” she added. “Which made me feel bad because i know that i can no longer speak on him anymore (on social media). that was my fault though, i should’ve just kept to myself instead of thinking i could be open with twitter like that, that’s my fault.”

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