As all artists do, Jidenna has evolved dramatically since his hit “Classic Man” went viral back in 2015. Six years later, the rapper has evolved from his 1920s-influenced businessman style, to an entirely new rock star look and persona, one that is set on breaking boundaries for men in hip hop.

In recent years, Jidenna has begun rocking long hair and making headlines for dancing with fans on and off stage during his sophomore album tour.

His Instagram shares, the most recent captioned “I hope you have sex today” — have caused fans to feel the summer heat. The dreamy posed shots show off Jidenna’s sculpted chest, tattoos, black-painted nails, and intricate jewelry.

While these pictures may simply appear as shots seeking “Likes,” Jidenna stays true to his activism. The artist has often spoken up about the importance of supporting Black clothing businesses, including his presentation at the 2019 Essence Best in Black Fashion Awards. 

Specifically, African clothing businesses are a cause close to home for him as a Nigerian-American. In the photos, he wears a loose, sleeveless cardigan by Rwandan brand Moshions, and tags them in the caption to promote the brand. 

Social media raged in response with compliments, and various other flirty requests from fans.

Check out the new looks below.