Producer Delray Richardson Claims Tupac Told Him About Rendezvous With Faith Evans

There has been gossip about Pac and Evans throughout the years—rumors that she has denied—but Richardson says the rapper told him about his escapades with the singer.

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Producer Delray Richardson Claims Tupac Told Him About Rendezvous With Faith Evans

Decades ago, Tupac Shakur unleashed what has been hailed as one of the greatest diss tracks of all time when he created "Hit 'Em Up" with the Outlawz. On the track, Pac alleged that he'd had sex with Biggie's wife Faith Evans, and since that time, the rumors and speculation have run rampant. Faith denied the gossip in her Keep The Faith memoir she released in 2008, but platinum-selling producer Delray Richardson says otherwise.

Earlier this month, Richardson sat down with The Art of Dialogue and gave his side of the story, revealing that Tupac allegedly told him about having sex with Evans not long after they first met back in 1995. According to Richardson, he saw Tupac and a few other rappers at a hotspot off the Sunset Strip in Hollywood and Faith Evans happened to be there as well. He claims Faith and Tupac greeted one another and when they all left, she went back to his hotel.

Faith detailed her side of the story in her memoir, saying that Pac owed her money for a studio session and he would give it to her at the hotel. However, she claimed that once they arrived at his room, the rapper offensively asked her for oral sex. "She said that Tupac said to her that she had to give him head or, I'mma quote what she said, that she had to 'suck his d*ck' to get her paycheck for recording the song 'You Wonda Why They Call You B*tch.' Which was recorded, may I add, factually and can be proven, the next day on the 19th," said Richardson, adding that the singer "made a lot of misrepresentations" and "outright lies."

He goes on to explain why the dates that Evans lined up in her memoir aren't correct. Richardson added that "Tupac had sex with Faith after that studio session" and claimed he felt the need to speak out because Evans "besmirched" the late rapper's name after his death. "When Tupac wanted to work with her, it was from his heart," said Richardson. "There was no ulterior motive. He wasn't trying to have sex with Faith. It wasn't his motive to do that."

Richardson goes into great detail about proving that there was some sort of rendevous or relationship between Tupac and Faith Evans, even saying that Ray J was at the studio when they were recording and witnessed their interactions. You can watch the video to hear some memories about Tupac below.


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