Migos Unveil New "Culture 3" Trailer

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Offset, Quavo, Takeoff, Migos
The Migos make "Culture III" official with a new teaser trailer for their anticipated and climactic third album in the "Culture" trilogy.

Make no mistake -- the rollout for Migos' anticipated Culture III is underway. Not long after Quavo shared a promising teaser on Culture II's three-year anniversary, the group have taken to Instagram to unveil a three-and-a-half-minute teaser trailer to the upcoming project. Off the bat, we get a glimpse at "the Compound," where Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo holed up to focus entirely on the music.

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"We been having time to bond with each other and time to spend, because our solo careers been allowing us to do different things," explains Quavo. "We got relationships, and we growing." Offset explains that he understands the significance of the third album in a trilogy, and Takeoff reveals that they have had many sleepless nights putting in work in the studio. From there, we get a glimpse at one of the project's more melodic cuts -- as well as a hint at the possible thematic direction.

"Being locked in, you still have stuff to write about," reflects Takeoff. "But you're not out there moving, taking trips, going from state to state. Getting energy from places. It gives you more things to rap about." "Quarantine been a pro and a con," adds Quavo. "It's time for us to crack down and bond and know about our business, get things squared away. No bad feelings, no hard feelings nowhere." 

Migos Unveil New "Culture 3" Trailer
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Offset also takes a moment to address how furiously the Migos attacked the game with new music, revealing why they ultimately decided to take a step back. "We were absent for a reason though. How we were putting so much music out, you could flood the market," he explains. "There's a lot of things going on right now. I ain't never been so political in my life. I got my first time voting this year, and all that happens from seeing what's going on in the world." From there, footage of the Capitol riot begins, signaling that perhaps we'll see some of these new political inclinations present on Culture III to some degree.

And then comes confirmation: Culture III, the next chapter. Though no release date has been shared -- yet -- it's clear that the rollout is officially underway. Check out the trailer below, and sound off if you're excited for a new Migos album.

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