Jaden Smith Invites Listeners Into His Trippy World With New Single "Summer"

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Jaden/MSFTSMusic/Roc Nation Records, LLCJaden/MSFTSMusic/Roc Nation Records, LLC

Jaden's new single "Summer" is the first single from "CTV3: Day Tripper’s Edition."

Jaden Smith's Trippy Summer may have started off with a vibrant and colorful New Balance collection, but it appears that his Trippy Summer was always meant to be a multisensory experience. This Friday, the artist known for albums such as SYRE and ERYS returns with a brand new single, titled "Summer."

Throughout the criminally short two-minute single, he reminisces on a summertime fling with fleeting romantic thoughts and slick metaphors. For fans who appreciate Jaden's lyrical ability, "Summer" will definitely be a treat for you, and according to the Cool Tape artist, even more music is on the way. 


In a recent post to Instagram, Jaden confirms that an alternative/extended version of CTV3 is on the way, called CTV3: The Day Trippers Edition. The project will definitely house "Summer" and likely the previously released "BYE" as well.

"I Really Don’t Know What To Say. Making This Album Has Really Been One Of The Hardest Things I’ve Ever Put Myself Through," Jaden says in the album announcement. "This Is For The Day Trippers And All The Lonely Hearts I Love You And We Won’t Be Crying Forever."

Give "Summer" a list below, and let us know in the comments if you're feeling the vibe of Jaden Smith's latest single.

Quotable Lyrics

I got magic up my sleeve, like I'm Dumbledore
Little goodie, two shoes, let's get in trouble more
And we in a bungalow, the hotel got another floor (Another floor)
Puttin' towels on the doors 'cause it's summer (Yeah)

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