Fivio Foreign Drops Funk Flex Freestyle On His Second Day Out

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Fivio Foreign via YouTubeFivio Foreign via YouTube
Fivio Foreign slides through to deliver a freestyle for Funk Flex after his release from jail.

Fivio Foreign is back and he's not wasting any time. The New York drill rapper was released from jail this week and on his second day back home, he stopped by Funk Flex's radio show to deliver an eye-catching freestyle, where he references his incarceration, how he kept busy while locked up, and more.

The 31-year-old recording artist starts by shouting out the inmates he became friendly with behind bars before cracking a joke about how he got locked up in the first place. "I tried to run but they caught me," he raps at the beginning of the freestyle. If you recall, Fivio was initially nabbed by the police after he fled on foot before a gun fell out of his pants. The gun was retrieved and Fivio was arrested, spending the next three months in jail.

In his new freestyle, the drill star references the thousand push-ups he did with his bunkie to keep fit, one particular female correctional officer who had eyes for the rapper, and more. Listen below.

Welcome back, Fivio!

Quotable Lyrics:

I mix the commissary with the lunch meat
I did a thousand push-ups with my bunkie
He said he'd do a n***a if he want me
Female C.O. acting like she want me
I got my feet up, eatin', feelin' comfy
I called my bitch, she told me that she love me
She said she couldn't wait to get to hug me
Fucked me on the first day that she looked
I was stinky, and I was reflectin'
I got a question for the reverend, if you kill a killer do you go to heaven?

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