DaBaby was one of the leaders in terms of nominations at last night’s BET Hip-Hop Awards, earning twelve nominations for his album KIRK, as well as his songs “ROCKSTAR”, “BOP”, and more. He was basically guaranteed to win at least a few of those categories, right?

Wrong. The Charlotte-based rapper ended the night losing in all twelve categories.

People have been speaking about how DaBaby deserved better last night, much like they’re saying that Lil Baby was robbed in one of the major categories, but DaBaby himself isn’t too peeved about it.


Responding to a post about his shortcomings, the recording artist said: “Ion think Baby trippin. @bet love Baby, congrats to the winners. #WellDeserved.”

DaBaby Speaks Out After Losing All 12 Of His BET Hip-Hop Award Nominations

You’ve got to respect the star for his humility and willingness to accept a loss when it comes. At the end of the day, awards or not, he remains one of the hottest artists of the year, having taken over the industry and keeping audiences on standby with his tremendous output levels. 

Do you think DaBaby should have won any of the awards he was snubbed out of last night?

DaBaby Speaks Out After Losing All 12 Of His BET Hip-Hop Award Nominations
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Check out a complete list of last night’s winners here.

Recently, DaBaby spoke about how he’s blocked out his emotions since his father’s untimely passing, stating that wins felt the same way as losses to him. That must be why he’s taking this so well.