Last month, Kid Cudi raised eyebrows when he took to the Saturday Night Live stage to perform “Sad People.” There wasn’t anything too abnormal about the display, but some viewers were up in arms after seeing Cudi wearing a dress—one reportedly inspired by a gender-bending look once donned by late musician Kurt Cobain. Cudi, and SNL, received backlash from people who didn’t want to turn on late-night television and see a man in a floral garb, but in his recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Pete Davidson came to the rapper’s defense.

The SNL star is familiar with his fair share of controversies on and off the show and condemned “close-minded” people who attacked the Cleveland emcee.

“I loved it. I thought it was great,” Davidson remarked about Kid Cudi’s dress. “When you get criticism like that… It’s just like, okay cool. Those are people I don’t really want to associate myself with anyway. People that are that close-minded. I thought it was really cool and like a really cool tribute. Virgil [Abloh] made it, it’s sick. They’re gonna sell it as a unisex dress. I thought he killed it.”

Elsewhere, Davidson shared that Cudi’s music was instrumental in keeping him from taking his own life. “I would’ve killed myself,” said the actor. “Absolutely. One hundred percent. I truly believe if ‘Man on the Moon’ didn’t come out, I wouldn’t be here.” Davidson also added that he was thrilled to have the opportunity to do a music skit with Cudi during the episode. 

Check out Davidson’s interview with The Breakfast Club in full below.