It was a Bay Area bonanza last night when E-40 and Too Short went hit-for-hit during VerzuzMarking the final event of the year, Short and 40 provided plenty of moments for the West Coast as they went through many of their iconic hits. At moments, they’d even slide into records that sampled their own such as when Short went from “Blow The Whistle” to Drake’s “For Free.”

The evening marked a celebration of two Bay Area legends whose impact goes beyond the regional confines of the West Coast. So, there were tons of celebrating in order. As the two went song-for-song, partying away with bottles of alcohol in plain sight, 40 began to get loose and it was his dance-moves that ultimately became the highlight of the evening. He was mixing and matching moves like when he pulled the “Goin’ Down” bounce with Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. It was truly a spectacle to see.

For 40, it was the dance moves but Short’s highlight of the evening, beyond his incredible discography, was his outfit change. The man switched fits like three times over the course of the evening. It only made sense, though. 40 and Short were given upwards of $500K for their production which went towards the elaborate set-up that included low riders and concert-style lighting. It marks one of the biggest budgets to date for a Verzuz battle.

Ultimately, it was the Bay Area that won last night. Check out some of the best reactions to 40’s dance moves below.