Not only does he look like his father’s mini-me, but Christian “King” Combs is also following in his footsteps. To be a child of Diddy, especially one that is pursuing a career in music, can be an uphill battle as the critical music mogul doesn’t take it easy on his children. In 2019, King Combs dropped his Cyncerely, C3 EP, and since that time he’s been featured on records with Teyana Taylor, Pop Smoke, 03 Greedo, Yung Miami, and his older brother Quincy. The 20-year-old budding artist recently spoke about what it’s like in the limelight with his famous father by his side, rooting him on.

“Me and my Pops got a good relationship, and we’re real close sometimes like it feels like we’re brothers,” Combs shared with HipHopDX. “We’re just super cool. But Pops, he don’t play, he always makes sure that I’m on my Ps and Qs, and that I’m working hard, and not really taking nothing for granted. He be hard on me sometimes, but at the end of the day, that’s my Pops. That’s what he’s supposed to do, so he’s cool.”

Diddy makes sure that his son recognizes the importance of living up to the Bad Boy legacy paved before him. “He definitely lets me know, ‘Yo, if you want to be in this game, you cannot play with it. You’ve got to take it seriously. We got a legacy of hits, so you’ve got to keep making these hits right now, or we’re better off just not even doing it,’” said Combs. “When it comes to music, he’s a hard critic for sure. He don’t be saying everything is hot. It’s hard for him to say it’s hot. So when it’s hot, that’s when I know, all right, this is on fire.”

The trick to catching Diddy’s attention is to always play the best song first, then follow them up with the others. If you don’t have a track that is “undeniable,” King said you may as well not play any music for his father at all. “He’s just going to say everything is wack, this and that. You’ve got to have that one waiting for him that you know he’s going to like.”