Diddy's 21-year-old son Christian Combs celebrated his 21st birthday on Saturday. To mark the occasion, Diddy gifted his son a gold-plated jet ski. Before you wince at Diddy's offering to his son, consider this: Christian is DJ Khaled-levels inspired by watersports. Secondly, Diddy's son has just about every other vanity item imaginable, including jet skis in other colorways.

It didn't take Christian long to put his new jet ski to use. By Tuesday, the drop was buoying over resplendent Ocean Water, the likes of which New York hasn't seen since the Waterfront commission went ballistic with major condo projects. Luckily for Christian, his birthday was held in Atlantic City, where the betting parlors are-a-plenty and open to anyone 21 and over.

Atlantic City's proximity to NYC, was within an acceptable radius of the final meeting spot, off the banks of Diddy's $40 million mansion in Miami. Diddy and his son Christian, known to rap fans as "King Combs" are the two leading figures within the clan to publicly mourn their mother/lover Kim Porter in the wake of her surprise death. Diddy's indulgence of a jet ski to his son doesn't heal their broken hearts, it does, however, give the Combs clan yet another reason to spend time together in the open sun. All the power to them.