The longstanding friendship between Chris Rock and Busta Rhymes is a sight to behold. The comedian made an appearance on the rap legend’s most recent release, Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God, but that’s just a small fraction of the real-life brotherly love that Rock and Rhymes have for each other. Throughout his decades-long career, Chris Rock has developed relationships with several Hip Hop and Rap artists, including Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay—an icon that was brutally murdered while at his New York City studio in 2002.

Rock revisited those painful memories while chatting with Hip Hop icon MC Serch on the Serch Says Podcast. According to Rock, while he attended Jay’s funeral those many years ago, Busta Rhymes was there to comfort him. “I love Busta as an entertainer, as a hip dude. I don’t know, I just love Bus,” said Rock. 

“I remember I was at Jam Master Jay’s funeral. I was crying, I almost fainted I was crying so hard,” he said. “I remember Bus kind of picking me up and carrying me out like a soldier, like, ‘You will not be left behind.’ I always remembered that like, ‘I like this guy.’ I just love Busta Rhymes. He never really lets you down. He’s not even underrated, he’s underappreciated.”

Check out the brief clip from MC Serch’s podcast with Chris Rock below.