The tributes continue pouring in from Asian Doll, who has been publicly mourning the loss of her ex-boyfriend King Von for the last two months. While some have been put off by her constant reminders of their love, others are touched by how open the Dallas-based rapper has been. Admitting that they broke up a few days before Von’s untimely passing, Asian Doll has done everything in her power to help keep the Chicago storyteller’s legacy intact, getting his face tattooed on her hand and, this week, commissioning a jeweler to get her dripped out with another portrait of Von.

The self-proclaimed “Queen Von” showed off her new ice on Instagram, flaunting her latest piece, which is a VVS chain with a bust of King Von hanging from it. The rapper’s hat and Burberry top are bedazzled with diamonds, dancing as Asian changed the angle to show all sides of the new pendant.

“The BIG ONE not the one in the P.O. Box,” she boasted in her caption. “I’m So Happy I’m So Greatful [sic] Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart I Love My Jewerlers 4Life. Y’all went crazyyyyyyyy.”

At the beginning of this year, Asian Doll was a guest on Taraji P. Henson’s new talk show, discussing her reaction when she found out her ex-boyfriend had been killed. “When they were saying he was in critical condition, he had already passed away,” she said. “Somebody from the hospital got in contact with me, one of the nurse’s daughters. She just was crying on the phone, she was like, ‘Asian I’m so sorry’. I’m like, nah. I’m like, ‘You trippin’, he’s not.’ She’s like, ‘No, my grandmother works at the hospital. He passed away, they put an X on his bag.’ And I just hung the phone up. I was like, ‘Nah, she’s trippin’.’ I had already knew so once they said that he was dead on social media, I had already knew.”

What do you think of Asian’s new chain?