Things have taken a turn over on Twitter as Lil Bibby and his reported ex-girlfriend, Cydney Christine, have traded a few subliminal shots. Bibby hasn’t spoken about his relationship with Cydney, but she had quite a bit to say as she let her Twitter Fingers run wild. It’s unclear how long they were together, but Cydney has publicly accused the rapper-music executive of alleged abuse.

“B*tches be cool with being nothing but a nut to a n*gga,” Cydney tweeted. “You is an example of what not to do. Relax… Whoever talkin to my ex need to do a better job [laughing emojis]. You have no code you a goofy.” Elsewhere she added, “What type of n*gga going to buy a b*tch a house that ain’t even his and live at his own b*tch house rent & bill free ? Who tf be raising y’all to think this is cool?! [crying laughing emojis]”

“You better go live with that white b*tch, sir [crying laughing emojis],” Cydney continued. “My ex is my biggest hater bro this n*gga really poured a bottle of water on my head while I was getting ready 1 day & ripped my wig out the next day just cus he ain’t want me posting pics on IG [crying laughing emoji] a goofy.”

Someone asked her if she was speaking about Bibby and she retweeted the message. Cydney claimed that Bibby “really bought a white b*tch a whole mini mansion” while living with her. “His moms don’t even got a house that big,” she added. “N*ggas are really f*cking dumb bro.” It seems that Bibby may have seen some of Cydney’s tweets because he fired off a few tweets himself.

“Seeing everything and saying nothing,” wrote Bibby. “Choose wisely. I can’t lose even when I lose I’m winning.” Swipe below to read through the messages and see what else Cydney had to say about Bibby’s brother allegedly having a lovechild outside of his relationship.