LeBron James Sinks Iconic No-Look 3-Pointer & Wins Mid-Game Bet

LeBron James had some fun during the Lakers' win last night, hitting an iconic no-look 3-point shot.

BYAlex Zidel
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Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

We've seen Stephen Curry pull this off a few times but last night marked the first time that LeBron James sank a no-look 3-point shot in the middle of a game, wowing the limited-attendance crowd and impressing millions at home.


In the midst of the Lakers' 2-game rout of the Houston Rockets, which may have forced James Harden out of Texas, LeBron was given a perfect opportunity to add three-points to his personal stat sheet, pulling up for a wide-open jumper in the corner. The superstar's confidence shined bright as he rose up and released the shot, instantly turning his back to the basket and looking at the Lakers' bench as it went in. Apparently, point guard Dennis Schroder made a mid-game bet with the King to spark this.

"I told him to bet a Benjamin on it, so he shot it," said Dennis following the tremendous display. "I took the bet while I was still shooting the ball," explained LeBron. "A bet isn't official until you look a man in the eye, so I had to look him into the eye, and I was able to win that one." 


Of course, LeBron gave some props to Steph Curry, who has turned his back on perfect 3-point shots multiple times throughout his career. "Steph [has] definitely probably done it the most in our league, and when you shoot the ball as beautiful and effortlessly and precisely as Steph does, he has the ultimate, ultra-green light to do that," he said. "'Cause 10 times out of nine, it's going in for Steph."

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

There was no chance that LeBron was missing this one. The Lakers ended up winning in blowout fashion, basically clinching the game in the first quarter against the defeated Rockets squad.

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