We’re often faced with news of rappers beefing or longtime friendships in the industry coming to an end over disagreements, but Rowdy Rebel interrupted the negativity to show love to his good friend, Bobby Shmurda. The two were just getting introduced to the luxuries of fame after Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” became a viral sensation, but soon, the rapper and members of his GS9 collective were facing legal trouble. It’s been reported that Shmurda decided to take a plea deal and a longer sentence than his friend, and was eventually convicted of one count of third-degree conspiracy and one count of weapons possession.


“They offered me five and offered Rowdy twelve… They said the only way they’ll give him seven is if I took seven, too,” Shmurda reportedly told Complex in 2016. “So, you know, I had to take one for the dogs.” In December 2020, Rowdy Rebel was released from prison, and almost immediately, he was celebrating his release while on the phone with Shmurda. As rumors of Bobby Shmurda’s possible release at the end of February looms, Rowdy Rebel shared a heartfelt message to his incarcerated friend.

“I wouldn’t be here RN if yu Haven’t been the same genuine person I meet in elementary,” wrote Rebel. “I never Seen yu fold or bend through treacherous time’s always thinking Nd doing for others. I thank god I got a friend like you I could call a brother [100 emoji] I love yu like yu My Mama Kids ….see yu soon kid[blue heart emoji] #stillfreegs9 #freeskrap1090 #IloveAllMyN*ggas.”

Check out the post below.

Rowdy Rebel Pens Tribute To Bobby Shmurda: "I Thank God I Got A Friend Like You"