Joyner Lucas is an artist who pours himself into every aspect of his craft, and as fans know, his videos have long been a point of pride for the acclaimed lyricist. Case in point, the new clip for “Zim Zimma,” a highlight off his recent project Evolutionwhich might actually be the rapper’s most ambitious video yet. It’s certainly among the most star-studded, boasting cameo appearances from Diddy, George Lopez, and Oscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg.

Clocking in at over eight minutes, there’s plenty of room for antics between Joyner and his pals. One particular segment stands as a highlight, during which Mark Wahlberg finds himself so drawn in by Joyner’s music that he ends up driving headlong into a pile of dirt, much to the rapper’s annoyance- you have to see it to believe it, really. As for Diddy’s cameo, he opts to keep it relatively low-key, holding it down in a miniature ride while Joyner spits dexterous, rapid-fire bars; though he doesn’t say much, his commanding presence speaks volumes.

Throw in a few hilarious outtakes for good measure, and Joyner Lucas’ new video for “Zim Zimma” is easily among his most enjoyable, despite its gargantuan runtime. Check it out for yourself now, and sound off if you’ve been keeping Joyner’s Evolution on steady rotation.