Chet Hanks's Ex Granted Temporary Protective Order Against Him: Report

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His "White Boy Summer" is off to a rocky start.

His antics have often caused him to trend on social media, but Wednesday's (March 31) viral video caught the public off guard. Tom Hanks's son Chet Hanks is known for dropping island accents and declaring we're entering a "White Boy Summer," but his personal life hasn't been so carefree. We previously reported on Hanks and his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker engaging in a physical altercation months ago. A video that was allegedly taken after the argument was shared online and in it, Hanks accuses his ex of attacking him with a knife as she denies the claim, even going so far as to ask someone off-camera if that was what occurred. The person agreed with her.

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More information has been shared about the fallout from their breakup, and The Huffington Post reports Parker was granted a temporary protective order against the 30-year-old actor. Court documents reportedly show that Parker accused Hanks of being "physically and verbally abusive for months." The two began dating sometime last year and were cohabitating.

PEOPLE reports that earlier this month, Hanks filed a lawsuit against Parker and alleged that she attacked and stole from him "in connection with a violent incident on Jan. 8." Hanks claims that he ended their relationship after he confronted Parker about the alleged theft. Parker, in turn, said in court documents that the alleged abuse she endured began as early as October 2020. 

Parker stated that in January she decided to end her relationship with Hanks and went to their home to move her things out. She accuses her ex of attempting to attack her with a knife so she hit him with a pot and ran off before calling the authorities. However, she said he left before they responded to the scene. Hanks told a different story; he said she arrived at the home with three men, one armed with a firearm, and Parker attacked him with a knife before hitting him with the pot.

Check out their viral clip below.


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