Yelawolf Drops New Studio Album "Mud Mouth"

Yelawolf wraps up his April onslaught with "Mud Mouth," his first official studio album since 2019's "Ghetto Cowboy."

BYMitch Findlay
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For the past few years, Yelawolf has been hard at work creating new music, a process that has culminated in an impressive four-album streak. Having delivered projects every week in April, the final drop -- the long-awaited Mud Mouth -- may very well hold the most significance for some, being that it's his latest studio album. Featuring a respectable fourteen tracks and production across the board by Jim Jonsin, Mud Mouth finds Yela returning to his more melodic sound, as previously explored on drops like Ghetto Cowboy and the acclaimed Love Story.

That's not to say the bars aren't present, as Yela has been in fine form in that regard. Yet where previous releases like the DJ Muggs' produced Mile Zero found Yela operating exclusively as an emcee, Mud Mouth is more centered around the duality of his artistry. Songs often navigate between sections, luring listeners into a false sense of security before pulling the lever to the trapdoor. As per usual, Yela's unique swagger and penchant for all things Slumerican pack his music with distinctive imagery; what other rapper could conceivably put together a track called "Hillbilly Einstein?"

There's plenty to unpack on Mud Mouth, and fans would be wise to throw this one on and immerse themselves from start to finish. It's clear that Yela designed this one as a linear listening experience, and as an artist who still values the album as an art form, such an approach should be celebrated. Check out Mud Mouth now, and catch up on your April Yelawolf drops with TURQUOiSE TORNADO, Slumafiaand Mile Zero

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