The 2020 Billboard Music Awards are underway, and there have already been a few noteworthy moments. We’ve already reported on John Legend’s emotional performance of his hit single “Never Break,” and another artist that social media can’t stop talking about is Doja Cat. The Hot Pink artist didn’t just give a little song and dance during her BBMA moment; Doja Cat turned the stage into her own, retro-fitted concert. It was reminiscent of a vintage Broadway stage as the word “JUICY” was spelled out behind her in neon red lights as Doja wore her best Great Gatsby-inspired ‘fit.

Doja Cat’s medley of tunes also included her mega-hit “Say So” along with “Like That,” but people couldn’t help but notice just how much work she’s put in as it pertained to perfecting her dance moves. The response was overwhelming and soon, Doja became a trending topic across the board. Still, there were those who couldn’t compliment Doja because of her previous controversies, but that didn’t stop others from applauding her performance. Unfortunately for Doja, she wasn’t nominated this year, but she still gave it her all. Check out the performance below along with a few reactions.