You didn't think that having a little scandal would keep Wendy Williamsfrom being messy, did you? She's been entangled in her own series of dramatic headlines after staying in a sober living house, battling addictions, and divorcing her husband following months of rumors that he's allegedly fathered a child with his mistress, so many viewers thought that when Williams returned to her show on the other side of the fence, she'd be a tad bit gentler in some of her segments.

The talk show host is known to be no-nonsense when speaking about her fellow celebrities, and unfortunately one of the latest who's found themselves on the receiving end of Williams' less than favorable comments in music icon Madonna. The 60-year-old recently dropped a new single "Medellín" with international superstar Maluma. The two performed the song at the Billboard Music Awards, a display that Billboard ranked the second best performance of the evening.

However, during the "Hot Topics" segment of her show, Williams' admitted that she wasn't feeling any part of Madonna's performance. "She moves like an old lady...and if you move like an old lady then you should just stick to your old lady moves." She added that Madonna should just stick with performing her old hits because that's what fans prefer.

As if that wasn't enough, Williams went on to rag on Madonna just a little while longer. “Those stupid grills, and the patch over her eye, and she was sitting on the floor, and the dancers were dragging her around like a wet, eww." Fans of the "Like a Virgin" singer came to her defense, and they weren't shy about putting Williams in her place.

"Its funny how a 54 year old @WendyWilliams who can't get through a show without coughing and passing out, can judge a 60 year old @Madonna who can still put on a whole non stop concert ,tour and performance without missing a step!" one guy said. Another person shared a side-by-side photo of Williams and Madonna and wrote, "The one on the left is a trailblazing, ageless superstar, the one on the right is a crackhead with a big mouth who has never contributed anything positive to the world. Also: Wendy Williams is only 54 years old and looks like that, and is telling 60-year-old Madonna to quit."

"I think @WendyWilliams should spend more time focused on her sobriety and her marriage, and less time focused on making hateful comments about celebs," said a fan. Another person wasn't surprised by Williams' comments. "Why? Because Wendy Williams makes money giving voice to all the bigotry and ageism of her unhappy and frustrated audience."