Cyn Santana Breaks Silence On Leaked Audio: "We Have A Right To Privacy"

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Cyn Santana, Joe Budden, Domestic Violence

The reality star praised Joe Budden as a great father and told viewers she doesn't owe anyone an explanation about anything.

In a video she shared to her Instagram page, Cyn Santana said she's feeling a "mother's rage." On Tuesday (September 8), an audio clip leaked of Cyn and her ex-fiancé Joe Budden where she accuses him of physical abuse. Joe denied the allegation, but that hasn't stopped the public from speaking out about the audio, especially because it comes just days after the podcast host's other ex, Tahiry Jose, made her set of accusations. According to Tahiry, Joe broke her nose and pushed her down the stairs years ago when they were together. Budden would later call Tahiry a "clout chaser" and a liar.

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Cyn Santana has finally come forward to address her audio leak, although her greatest concern was the well-being and mental health of her son. In her IG video, a visibly angry Cyn said she would do anything to protect her child, especially because she lost her brother to suicide. "So, it's not secret that Joseph and I broke up over a year and a half ago. It's no secret," Cyn said. "We're in the public eye, we're in the limelight, we're public figures... My family is a real family with real blood in their veins. With a heart. With a mental. We're still human beings."

She also stated that just because they are public figures, doesn't mean she owes the world an explanation of what happens in her personal life. "We have the right to privacy. We have the right to deal with whatever it is that we deal with on our own time," Cyn continued. She said that during her time of postpartum, breaking up with Joe, and being at her most vulnerable, she confided in someone she considered a "sister" that seemed as if they were trying to help her. However, Cyn said that person violated her privacy, Joe's privacy, and her son's privacy, so it's made her upset. 

The reality star added that Joe is a wonderful father to their son and that everyone just needs to mind their business. Check out the nearly-10-minute video below.

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