Vic Mensa is barely old enough to drink, but that hasn’t stopped this 21-year-old MC from livin’ the life. After touring with Disclosure earlier this year, Mensa’s popularity has been on the steady rise.

The Chicago-bred MC has a friendship with Chance The Rapper, and the two frequently collaborate on stage and on tracks. Jams like “Suitcase” and “Tweakin'” have seen the two spit back and forth over some impressive beats.

However the most impressive beat Vic has been able to bless is the recent “Wimme Nah.” Kaytranada’s experimental pizzazz adds another element to the trap tempo and 808 bass that Mensa has embraced periodically throughout his short career. 

Without further ado, click forward to peep the essential Vic Mensa tracks. If you want to hear more, be sure to cop his Innanetape via HNHH. Judging by the 99% rating it’s received by our readers, you’ll probably love it.

Vic Mensa featuring Rockie Fresh – Time Is Money

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

“Make money, but the money you make don’t make you…”

The hook from “Time Is Money” differentiates Vic Mensa from many other rappers. While many rappers will boastfully list their possessions, Mensa’s lyrics usually stem from something a little deeper. Shout out Rockie Fresh with a dope feature.

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10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

Vic Mensa – Children of the Sun

“How it feel to be famous? I don’t know, let’s find out.”

Vic Mensa is on a strong come-up, and there’s no denying that. “Children of the Sun” is laid-back tune without a real hook that gets the underground and blogosphere on team Mensa.

Vic Mensa – Wimme Nah [Prod. Kaytranada]

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

The last time we posted this song, it was a part of our Kaytranada feature. Kay laced Mensa up with a beat that DJs are playing all over the country at clubs and festivals. It’s a true banger with some elephant bass backing Vic’s raps his appreciation of the Chicago love he’s received through his short career.

Vic Mensa – When A Fire Starts To Burn (Disclosure Freestyle)

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

Vic Mensa was opening for Disclosure on their first big American tour, exposing him to the new wave of EDM fans who embrace an indie sensibility. Obviously the British duo influenced Mensa, as he drops some bars over their hit “When A Fire Starts To Burn.”

Vic Mensa featuring Chance The Rapper – Suitcase

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

Vic Mensa might not have quite the buzz Chance has, but that doesn’t stop the two from kickin’ it and collaborating. Opting to work together instead of competing with each other, these two rappers have put Chicago on the map as the hottest spot for hip-hop in 2014.

Vic Mensa featuring Chance The Rapper – Tweakin’

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

Let’s run it back with the Chance features. The two link up on “Tweakin'” for a little bit more of an in-your-face vibe. The hard beat and hook make this one an instant hit, but the Nardwuar shout-out really elevates it.

Vic Mensa – Major Payne

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

Vic Mensa definitely embraces the EDM scene. From touring with Disclosure to choosing beats like this one, his music and shows can definitely get a little ravey. It works for him, and, judging from the buzz, it works for everybody else too. 

Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

After tapping in to the house-music market on Disclosure tour, Vic Mensa decided to embrace the role with “Down On My Luck.” The bass-driven, four-to-the-floor dance beat acts as the background for Vic Mensa as he flexes his skills as a rapper and singer.

Vic Mensa – Feel That

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

This one is pretty similar to “Wimme Nah,” but definitely stands on its own as well. The 808-driven beat by Smoko Ono is met with a variety of Vic’s flows.

Vic Mensa featuring Jesse Boykins III – Magic 

10 Essential Vic Mensa Tracks

The young Vic Mensa definitely has some “magic” with him right now. He asks the listener if they believe in magic with Jesse Boykins III on the hook. Judging by the up-and-coming MCs work ethic, he has some more magic on the way.