It’s not everyday that you watch someone chop off all their hair on Instagram live, which is why those who tuned into Tiffany Haddish’s recent live session were in for a major surprise. On Tuesday (July 7th), Tiffany decided to hop on live and give her followers a show, but she didn’t perform her own stand-up or anything: she gave herself a fresh chop. In a clip from the live that shows most of the process of Tiffany shedding her locks, the comedian declares, “I’m cuttin’ this hair off,” before grabbing a pair of scissors and snipping away.

Throughout the entire process, Tiffany’s friends can be heard freaking out in the background. By the end of her DIY haircut, Tiffany’s ‘do is much shorter, and she can’t help but feel like a weight has been lifted off of her. “Oh my god, it feels so good to brush it!” she exclaims. “I already feel lighter,” she says later on in the live. “I feel like all the bullsh*t of 2020 is almost off.”

The reactions to her big chop were aplenty, some more cruel than others, especially under The Shade Room‘s post. However, some expressed concern for Tiffany, implying that this spontaneous decision may have been the result of mental instability. “Is she okay?’ one user asked. “Sometimes you just gotta ask for help….” another user wrote.

These sentiments were echoed on Twitter, where folks questioned whether Tiffany was going through something.