Justin Bieber is married to Hailey Baldwin and while the couple has faced their fair share of trials and tribulations, they are still doing their best to keep things going. In his latest post to Instagram, Bieber wrote about how much he loves his wife and how he isn’t afraid to show it. In the lengthy Instagram caption, Bieber spoke about how some people think that exclaiming your love for your wife is shady and a mask for what your true emotions are. 

Bieber went on to say that he had no problem putting his wife on a pedestal especially since she deserves it. Of course, Chance the Rapper is someone who caught a lot of flack for supporting his wife so as you can imagine, he felt particularly inspired by this post. “I love this song” he wrote in the comments. 


“I don’t post this to prove anything, or to try and make people believe I love my wife, I simply think it’s an honoring thing to do, publicly acknowledging your significant other!” Bieber wrote. “Its like we’re all okay with acknowledging an achievement or award, but think there has to be something shady about saying something publicly about the one you love.”

With this post in mind, it’s clear that Bieber feels a quite deal of emotion towards his wife, which let’s be honest, there is absolutely nothing wrong with. Perhaps this post will change some people’s minds on the matter.