Saturday night, Conor McGregor returned to the UFC octagon to face off against Donald Cerrone in UFC 246’s main event. Marking his first fight since October 2018, McGrgeo quickly adapted, making a clear example of Cerrone in 40 seconds with a single knock out.

It was to the tune of a strike with his shoulder immediately after the opening bell. He followed it up with a few more strikes, a high kick, and a left hand to seal the deal.

“I made history here tonight. I set another record. I’m the first fighter in UFC history to get knockout victories at featherweight, at lightweight and now welterweight,” McGregor said post-match. “Donald holds the record for the most head kick knockouts so I was very very happy to get one myself. Thank you all for the support.”

As for Cerrone, the American fighter had no issue in giving McGregor’s strategy its due credit. 

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Cerrone said. “He busted my nose and it started bleeding and I stepped back and he head kicked me […] I love this sport and I’m going to keep fighting.”