Keyshia Cole Gives Update On Mom’s Sobriety Following “Slip-Up”

Keyshia Cole shared earlier this year that her mother, Frankie Lons, was headed to rehab. The singer gave an update about her mother while visiting “The Real.”

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Keyshia Cole Gives Update On Mom’s Sobriety Following “Slip-Up”

The family drama between Keyshia Cole and her loved ones has been played out, in detail, on reality television. The R&B singer has been featured in a number of unscripted series throughout the years, and she's never been shy about sharing her reality with the world. Whether it be the good, bad, or downright ugly, Keyshia Cole has removed the veil from her life and lived her truth.

Keyshia and her mother, Frankie Lons, have had a fractured relationship throughout Keyshia's life, but no matter what they've faced, they've reconciled with hope. Frankie has battled addiction issues for decades, but recently, Keyshia posted on Instagram that Frankie was headed to a rehabilitation center. While on The Real, Keyshia gave everyone an update on how Frankie is doing on her road to recovery.

"She checked herself into a rehab a month and a half ago," Keyshia revealed. "She had one little slip-up but I brought her out and I wanted to give her a Valentine's Day extravaganza, congratulations vibe. It didn't work out, she was trying to find the alcohol." Keyshia said the following week, Frankie called her to let her know that she wasn't strong enough to leave the rehab facility. Frankie told her daughter not to pick her up for a while because she wanted to work more on her triggers. 

Keyshia added that she's learned some things about herself, as well, during this process with her mother. Not only did she realize how patient and loyal she could be through trying times, but she also shared that she didn't understand addiction like she believed she did. According to Keyshia, this is the first time Frankie has wanted sobriety "for herself," so "that is a turn in the addiction." Check out clips of Keyshia Cole on The Real below.

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