There is no stopping YoungBoy Never Broke Again. You can try to restrict him from leaving the house but he’ll still come through on a weekly basis to dominate the video-streaming charts. For the last twelve months, one man has made an insanely relevant impact on YouTube, sitting at the top of the most-streamed artists list for nearly the entire time. It took Nas-X" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Lil Nas X’s mega-smash “Old Town Road” to dethrone the King of YouTube but even that track didn’t keep him down for too long. After the release of his enjoyable mixtape AI YoungBoy 2, YoungBoy Never Broke Again reclaimed his spot at the pinnacle of the game, doubling everybody else’s stats and enjoying a crazy lead above some of the largest artists out right now.

If you think of a few of the most popular musicians in the world, you’ve got to be envisioning Post Malone and DaBaby. Both of those men don’t even come close to passing YB on the YouTube charts and that’s saying something special. One thing that an up-and-coming artist needs to understand is the fact that prioritizing a particular market will help you exponentially in the long run. YoungBoy did exactly that and he’s striving professionally because of it. According to ChartData, he notched an impressive 65 million views in the last week while the second-highest artist, Kevin Gates, grabbed just over 35 million. Not far behind were Post Malone and DaBaby.

Are you still bumping that new YoungBoy Never Broke Again? Clearly, some of you are!