Jeremy Lin was never a bonafide superstar in the NBA although he certainly made the most of his NBA career as he won a title with the Toronto Raptors last season. Not to mention, he is now playing in the CBA and is enjoying quite a bit of success. However, most people remember Lin for his first few games as a member of the New York Knicks which were dubbed as “Linsanity.”

Quite frankly, “Linsanity” was the best part of the Carmelo Anthony years which yes, is a slight to Melo. Regardless, Knicks fans remember Lin’s time as a Knick quite fondly, and recently, Lin was asked if he had any regrets in regards to his time in New York. As he explains, he wishes he had been more in the moment.

Jeremy Lin Speaks On His Regrets During Knicks' Linsanity Era
Chris Chambers/Getty Images

“It was the most special, precious moment,” Lin said. “And in the end to the previous question about regrets. My biggest regret is that I didn’t soak in every second of that experience. That’s my biggest regret. My biggest regret is that I was too immature and young to really learn how to not take that for granted. I was so set on the next season and rehabbing from my injury and what I wanted to happen next that I couldn’t stay in the moment and just appreciate that, and appreciate New York for who New York was and what New York did for me, who all those fans were, and what that meant. It was so special.”

Lin might not be an NBA legend but what he was able to do during a one month span with the Knicks will never be forgotten.