YungManny dropped his new project, Confused, on Wednesday (May 27th), with features from XanMan and Shabazz PBG. At just 17-year-old, the DMV rapper is already starting to make a name for himself in the hip hop sphere.

As is often the case in the teen rapper’s work, Confused is chock full of pop culture references, in particular his obvious affinity for Disney with the opening track, “Moana Pt. 2,” and the Frozen reference in the lyric, “Jewelry frozen like Elsa and now I got snow,” off “Beck & Joe.” In fact, the aforementioned track itself is a reference to the characters on the Netflix thriller series, You, made even more evident by the lyric, “I’ma kill for your love, baby we Beck and Joe.” However, Confused is not all fun and games for Manny.

“It’s been a long year,” Manny said about working on the project. “I’d say this is the longest I ever spent on a body of work. It’s that pain, it’s that happiness, it’s that joy, it’s all of that. That’s why it’s called Confused because I had a lot of mixed emotions when recording this project, but I would say that this is my best project to date.” Check out Confused and let us know what you think.

Confused Tracklist

1. Moana Pt. 2
2. The Road
3. Hop Out ft. XanMan
4. Imani
5. XD
6. Beck & Joe
7. 380 ft. Shabazz PBG
8. Blessings In Disguise
9. Margiela
10. Where’s The Love
11. Ksubi