During the offseason, one of the biggest narratives that were being perpetuated was Kawhi Leonard’s undying interest in the Los Angeles Lakers. For a while, it seemed like Kawhi really did want to sign with the Lakers which would have seen him join a team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. In the end, Leonard decided to join the Los Angeles Clippers and Paul George which seemed like a much smarter decision for Leonard’s brand.

Now, the Lakers and Clippers are about to face off in the first game of the NBA regular season and fans are looking forward to seeing how the battle of L.A. plays out. Prior to tonight’s game, both LeBron James and Anthony Davis were asked about their efforts to recruit Leonard and what ultimately shifted his decision to go to the Clippers. As you can see, they have some pretty evasive answers.


LeBron was the most evasive of the two as he simply stated that he wasn’t surprised by Leonard’s decisions and that he was fairly positive throughout the entire process. Meanwhile, Davis said the recruitment efforts were fun but that Kawhi is a man of few words, which certainly suits his reputation.

Heading into tonight, it will be interesting to see if Leonard can get the best of the purple and gold or if it will be the dynamic duo that pulls off the victory. Let us know who you have winning this game in the comments below.