50 Cent's "Paternity Insult" Met With Laughter From Estranged Son Marquise Jackson

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Marquise Jackson appears to be in on the joke.

50 Cent's derision of his eldest son Marquise Jackson didn't go unnoticed. It all started with Marquise uploaded a video of himself dancing about during his father's Barclays Center concert. Evidently, even the most disenfranchised father/son relationships are rooted in sentimentally. Why else do you figure Marquise would attend and seemingly enjoy a 50 Cent concert when his father has all but confined him to a leper's life of enforced seclusion.

Don't forget, it was 50 Cent who once proclaimed that if his son was completely out of the picture, he would never suffer "a bad day" ever again. The compassionate side in all of us waited on 50 Cent to finish that sentence to a positive effect, but alas that never occurred - and when shamed by an Instagram commenter on his son's appearance in general admission during the concert, Fofty replied, "I got a blood test that's not my kid da fuck outta here."

Thanks to the watchful eye of The Shade Room's curatorial staff, it's come to my attention that Marquise Jackson, not only noticed the paternity joke, but acknowledged its presence on the open waters of social media - his response coming in the form of a Maury Povich meme, captioned with a standard ROFL emoji. Under any other circumstances, I would fear for psychological torment, but Marquise seems to be in on the paternity joke, if not completely amused by its utterance. So there's that...

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