Rick Ross Shares Why He Never Chose A Side In Wale & Meek Mill's Beef

Fighting amongst family happens.

BYErika Marie
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Fans are awaiting Rick Ross's Port of Miami 2, and while the rapper continues to drop hints about a forthcoming release, he hasn't shared the exact date of when the album will hit the streets. During a recent visit to Drink Champs, Ross still wasn't giving up any details, but he did say that his latest project is even better than his 2006 debut studio album, Port of Miami.

Norega praised Ross throughout the interview and repeatedly told him that he's one of his favorite rappers. Yet, Norega shared that he's afraid for Ross's forthcoming effort because Port of Miami was such a phenomenal record. "That's exciting to me," Ross said. "And hopefully, that's the feeling everybody would get, because you should."

Ross was also given respect because of the way he handled the Wale versus Meek Mill beef. According to Ross, he didn't take a side because he knew that it wasn't going to escalate to anything serious. "Nah, not at all," he said of siding with one above the other. "'Cause it was unnecessary. It's just like being a big brother. It's just like every day in the studio with my homies. It's always...that's just the type of vibe we are, but that's not personal. But most definitely, speak your mind and if you gotta get emotional to speak and make your point, you do that. Whatever it is. But this the squad. This [is] the empire. It'll never go no further than that. We'll never shed no blood."

Check out what else he had to say about music, being a boss, dating Foxy Brown, and kicking it in his 55,000 square ft. home on his 200-acre property below.

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