DaBaby isn’t playing around. Following his posting of a critical beatdown, he put on a mallrat, DaBaby issued additional PSAs warning against entering his personal bubble. If you haven’t the video or the edit provided by DaBaby himself, here’s your chance. Please be advised, the video contains a wee bit of blood and enough imprudent behavior to go around.

As you certainly noticed, DaBaby is simply going about his business in the Louis Vuitton store when a heckler spots up from distance hurling insults. The rest of the encounter is pretty self-explanatory, up until the point at which DaBaby is fully-engaged in the fight itself, and loses the camera, only to recover it seconds, minutes later… it’s hard to say.

The above video can be viewed on DaBaby’s Instagram until it expires in 20-odd hours. The Charlotte native identifies exactly the type of person he’d like to see less of in this world. “N—-s love to play with me, and play victim, then call the police,” he set out to describe before declaring himself “back in business” and relapsing into his pillow for a quick siesta

The bloody tussle in question is the second of its kind in as many weeks. You might recall seeing/hearing about a photo request turned hostile. There’s no sense in repeating the grim details, as DaBaby has clearly outlined his intentions every step of the way. Make like a thief in the night, and please go unnoticed when DaBaby is within your grasps.