DaBaby has been making headlines off the strength of his Baby On Baby album, but let's not forget his penchant for "the antics." While the diaper-donning days are long behind him, the rising star recently found himself engaging in a little bit of spontaneous generosity, when he appeared to toss literal pounds of marijuana into a ravenous Rolling Loud audience. While some of the recipients could hardly believe their luck, it didn't take long for the bitter truth to set in. The bags were not truly marijuana, but rather actual grass, chopped finely for good measure. 

Of course, it didn't take long for reports to surface painting the packages as "real marijuana," a narrative that DaBaby had to clear up via social media. Taking to IG, DaBaby opened up about the elaborate ruse, harkening back to his days as "The Well Known Finesser." "Got yo MF ass," he writes. "All of them bitches was Fake Weed when he open em up he gone HATE ME. Now imagine how n***as used to feel when I sold em dat shit for 3200. N***as know how I get down #WELLKNOWNFINESSER."

He also requests that "the blogs" do their part in quenching the flame, and thus, here we are. Should you have found yourself catching one of DaBaby's "Grass Sacks," consider yourself another victim of the Finesser, and one of many at that. What do you think of DaBaby's most recent stunt?