Jalen Ramsey was in a stalemate with the Jacksonville Jaguars for weeks as it was clear that he wanted to be traded from the team. The Jaguars decided they weren’t going to do something like that but after weeks of claiming he was injured, the Jags had had enough and ended up dealing him to the Los Angeles Rams. The trade was finalized last night and it’s clear the cornerback is excited to be playing for a brand new team. 

Today, Ramsey got to be a guest on the 17Weeks show and expressed just how happy he is to be with the new squad. He was quick to thank the Jaguars for drafting him back in 2016 but now, he says he’s happy to be given the opportunity to play for the likes of Sean McVay and Wade Phillips. Ramsey also made sure to state that he’s the best cornerback in the league.


The Rams are currently on a three-game losing streak and their offense has been stinking up the joint. While Ramsey’s presence certainly gives them a boost on defense, he doesn’t do much to address their key need right now. Simply put, Ramsey can’t play quarterback.

Either way, we’re sure the Rams are happy to get such a talented player on their roster.