Warning: Spoilers Ahead.



Good news came in for Scrapp Deleon in this week’s episode. The television personality announced his departure from the halfway house and transition onto probation. While the news pleased the King family, the drama still ensued amidst the many women in Scrapp’s life.

Precisely, Scrapp Deleon and Moniece’s torrid affair came to an abrupt end. The two found themselves at odds after Scrapp was seen lip-locking with his ex-girlfriend, Tommie Lee. As Moniece believed their relationship to be serious, the reports pained her deeply. The two called it quits shortly after Scrapp’s amicable talk with his child’s mother, Tierra. Scrapp and Tierra discussed their previous violent encounter and agreed to keep the peace from now on.



This week’s episode chronicled a series of unfortunate events for Ms. Karlie Redd. The reality star’s previous attempts to get pregnant came to a morose end after an unexpected miscarriage. While Karlie could count on close friends like Mimi to support her through such tough times, the same could not be said of her fiance Mo’.

Throughout the entire episode, numerous cast members cited Mo’ as gone to “handle business in Arkansas.” Nevertheless, Karlie was not pleased upon her boo’s return. Both isolated and defeated by the news, she was hit with further madness after catching her fiance in talks with another woman. Once Mo’ finally returned, he admitted to possibly being the father of another child. The latter must have been the final straw for Karlie who immediately called off their engagement.



Following the tumultuous series of events which went down on the previous episode, Che Mack admits to feeling apologetic. The DJ and mother was placed in charge of spinning the turntables at Karlie Redd’s engagement party and felt a bit sour Karlie didn’t remember her. Upon sharing the news with close-friend Pooh, who is still salty about not being invited to Karlie’s engagement party, the two plotted on exposing Karlie at her own party. Once the deed was done, things quickly went left for Che Mack who not only lost her job but was also kicked out of the party.

In this week’s episode, Che Mack showed immense regret and apologized to Karlie at Erica Dixon’s surprise party. While Karlie accepted her apology, she remained adamant on bearing a grudge against arch-nemesis Pooh Hicks.


Kirk and Rasheeda are planning a couples retreat and are selectively choosing its participants. Thus far, the invited includes Joc and his new lawyer boo, Kendra along with Sierra & BK. While Rasheeda happily handed an invitation to Karlie and her ex-fiance Mo, she was shocked to find out the two called off their engagement.



Spice’s journey to defeat black hypocrisy continues. While Mimi attempted to cut through the cultural differences and make Spice see the wrong in her actions, her efforts failed to change the Jamaican rapper’s outlook. Following a day visiting various museums centered on black history, the two clashed over the matter again. Spice called out Mimi’s “light skin privilege” and unapologetically stated she would carry forward with her skin-whitening plans. 


Most of the cast were invited over to an improptu get together at Erica Dixon’s home. Upon the guests’ arrival, the mother announced she was carrying twins by proudly flaunting her protruding belly. The news came to shock everyone mainly due to Erica Dixon’s extreme privacy on the matter. The father of the twins remains unknown and Erica D. fully intends to keep it that way.