We’ve all had those moments with friends, where someone does something so ridiculously hilarious, you all burst out into a long-winded fit of laughter, complete with a few guffaws, a couple of silent heaving laughs, and a lot of knee-slapping and running around. This was the exact case for the Migos, who took to Instagram to share quite the side-splitting video of them and a group of friends, up to some shenanigans in what looks like a tour bus in Portugal.


The trio were in Portugal for their headlining performance in Super Bock Super Rock 2019. In the clip, which was shared by Quavo on his Instagram, we see a bus full of the Migos and their posse, with Quavo climbing atop the steel bars to show what looks like some sort of stripping move. As he does so, one of his uhm, larger friends, who’s been identified simply as “Stoney” in the comment section, attempts to do the same. His overly ambitious attempt leaves his legs flailing around as he tries to rap them around the pole, and as he does so his hands seemingly slip, and he is dropped onto his tailbone as the whole bus erupts into a fit of laughter. Quavo can be seen falling to the ground uncontrollably as he clutches a laughing Offet for support. Everyone can be seen in a combination of laughter, tears, slapping one another, while all the while filming the whole affair. Check the video below out for a different angle.