Marvel recently unveiled some exciting news with regards to an upcoming Thor movie. According to UpRoxx, the major studios’ head Kevin Feige revealed his plans for Marvel Universe’s next phase at San Diego’s Comic-Con and the rollout was huge. Not only did he announce that Blade will be rebooted with Mahershala Ali as the new, suave vampire hunter, but he also went onto sharing a chunk of news about Thor’s fourth chapter. To begin, Tessa Thompson who stars as Valkyrie has been announced as Marvel’s first LGBTQ+ superhero. He addressed the matter by sharing that Valkyrie’s “first order of business” as “new king [of Asgard]” will be to “find her queen.” Moreover, the Hollywood executive also revealed that Natalie Portman will be grabbing the hammer in the new Thor movie. 

Natalie Portman Is The New Female "Thor" In "Thor: Love And Thunder"
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Portman’s character Jane Foster was considered to play the female lead in the upcoming movie. A statement was made by the upcoming Love & Thunder movie’s director Taika Waititi, explaining the following: “For us, there’s only one person who could play that role and she’s here.” Later on, Portman walked across the stage with excitement as its attendees realized she would be taking over as the next female Thor. “I always had hammer envy,” she smiled. Everyone was as equally shocked as they were excited.

Are you ready for a female Thor?