Alright, we’re a few weeks late on this, but Archibald Slim’s September mixtape He’s Drunk! is fire. The dude hails from Atlanta and is a member of Awful Records, a loose collective that includes FATHER, RichPoSlim, KeithCharlesSpacebar and more. They’re friends, and sometimes collaborators, with iLoveMakonnen and Key!, and are poised to break out of their regional scene into more widespread notoriety.

Slim makes music that’s dark, but not oppressively so, and alternates between woozily jazzy, sample-based fare and the warped trap his peers often favor. As a lyricist, he’s impressive without being flashy, and deals with some unorthodox subject matter.

If you dig this, be sure to check out FATHER’s recent tape Young Hot Ebony — a little weirder, but nonetheless unique and catchy.