James Harden is one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA although he has come under fire for the way he’s able to get a lot of his points. Many people believe Harden is constantly taking advantage of the rules by embellishing contact and trying to draw foul shots. He’s also known for his killer step-back jumper that at times, makes him seem like he’s traveling. There have been plenty of instances of Harden getting caught traveling and while he’s addressed this before, he’s never admitted to wanting to fix it.

At a recent Adidas event, a young kid asked Harden about his signature move and whether or not he’s really traveling. That’s when the Houston Rockets star revealed that he was working on a brand new move that would have both players and referees questioning themselves.


“This year I’m going to come up with something more creative, that’s gonna look like it’s a travel but it’s not,” Harden explained.

There’s no telling what this special move could be but we’re definitely intrigued. Playing alongside Russell Westbrook will be a whole new experience so perhaps this latest revelation is in direct response to that style change. Either way, the Rockets will be fascinating this season and Harden will be front and center for all of it.