Usher’s been dealing with some legal issues over the past few years after several individuals who have accused him of sexual misconduct. More specifically, he was accused of giving herpes to two women and a man. While he’s been stuck in this legal battle for a minute, he’s also been reluctant to hand over his private medical records. Finally, he gave in and handed them over but he’s pleading with the judge to keep them sealed.

Usher Begs Judge For Medical Records To Be Sealed In STD Lawsuit: Report
Brian Ach/Getty Images 

Usher is back in court requesting that a few documents involved in the case be sealed, The Blast reports. The records he turned over were at the request of one of the women in the case. That being said, he’s also requesting that the records he’s demanding she turn over be sealed. He said that he wants both of their medical records kept private from the public. “There is no gray area that allows for the revelation of some of Jane Doe’s personal information without compromising her privacy rights. Any public exposure of her private information could result in significant harm to Jane Doe,” the motion reads.

This comes a few months after one of his accusers decided to settle with the singerLaura Helm reached an agreement with Usher in May over their longstanding lawsuit after she accused him of giving her herpes.