The ladies of Red Table Talk are switching things up for the next episode of their hit Facebook Watch series. On Monday, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s longtime friend Alicia Keys will join the trio of hosts for Red Piano Talk as they speak with the Grammy Award-winning musician about a wide range of topics. In a sneak peek of the special episode, Alicia shares her struggles with feeling inadequate.

“I’ve been battling what I realize is potentially some self-worth issues because for whatever reason I’m feeling like I’m not deserving of greatness,” she said. “And I’ve been smooshing it down for so long that it’s become a habit, a bad habit.”

In the caption of the video shared on Instagram, Jada wrote, “This Monday we have a super special @redtabletalk turned RED PIANO TALK with my sister @aliciakeys. She came to share her truths, fears, growth and wisdom. Please join us for this very special, heartfelt, sister love gathering around the Red Piano.” 

The previews didn’t stop there. In another clip, Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, asked Alicia what she thought was a misconception that people have about her. “That I’m very happy,” the singer replied to the surprise of the other women. “Or that I’m really strong.” Check out the videos below.