Jennifer Lopez is on the road for her It’s My Party tour and will be wrapping things up in Miami with a string of three performances from July 25th to 27th. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the singer during her recent performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City where she discussed Miami and the upcoming Super Bowl that will be taking place there. 

On the topic of her possibly taking the stage for the anticipated halftime show, Jennifer was all for it. “Yeah, we’ve thought about the Super Bowl and it’s in Miami, it’s a big deal but we’ll see,” she said. “They make their own decisions over there.”

Jennifer Lopez Entertains Idea Of Performing At The Super Bowl Halftime Show
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Elsewhere in the interview, Jennifer discussed how her tour is going and the recent behind the scenes video that showed her having a hard time and her fiance Alex Rodriguez comforting her through her tears. 

“He was my hero that night, he was the MVP as they say,” she explained. “I think because of what he’s done and performing on such a big stage with the Yankees all over the United States, he understands my life in a way that nobody else really has, and we come from similar backgrounds and we really have a special connection that way, so yeah, he was amazing that night.”