Atlanta rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan has a certain “je ne sais quoi” about his style of rap. The man comes off as unbothered almost all of the time. His bars are delivered with minimal energy, but that’s part of his appeal. The 1017 Eskimo signee gives off a vibe that he truly doesn’t care about what anybody thinks of him, and that sort of confidence keeps us gravitating toward his sound. During a recent visit to our office, the 31-year-old star decided to give us a tour of his personal property, revealing the essentials that he always keeps on his person for the inaugural episode of In My Bag.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan Proves Dental Hygiene Is A Priority In Inaugural "In My Bag" Episode

Kicking off our brand new video series, Hoodrich Pablo Juan emptied out his Louis Vuitton messenger bag (a trend that he claims to have started) to flex his everyday necessities. Some of the items he keeps on him are truly essential: a phone charger, power bank, wallet, and more. However, HPJ will surprise some of his fans with all of the hygiene products he permanently keeps stashed away. Everywhere he goes, you can expect Hoodrich Pablo Juan to have fresh breath. The rapper carries around a toothbrush and dental floss in his bag, right next to a “light” $10,000 stack of cash. In case he runs into a situation, he’s always got the Trojan Magnums on deck too, specifying that the BareSkin variety is his preferred vibe.

Watch the first-ever episode of In My Bag above and stay tuned for future episodes with your favorite artists.