Singer R. Kelly is facing numerous cases in a handful of states but according to his lawyer, he’s remaining positive through it all. Attorney Raed Shalabi exclusively chatted with The Blast to discuss, as much as he could, the trials awaiting his client. There’s an upcoming criminal trial in Chicago, multiple sexual assault cases, and federal investigations in New York surrounding tax evasion and sex trafficking.

“We’re briefing him all the time and we’re talking,” Shalabi said. “With the court system itself, yes, he believes he’s going to get a fair trial and things like that. However, he does realize the court of public opinion is not really on his side at this point. And that’s kinda why he wants to get his side of the story across.”

R. Kelly Is Optimistic & Believes He Will Have Fair Trial, According To Lawyer
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

“For the past couple weeks, I think that court of public opinion is changing, but not probably to the level of an even playing field yet just because of what’s been going on with the Lifetime thing and things like that at this juncture.” He also mentions that he’s the attorney on one of Kelly’s civil cases and says that one of the singer’s accusers, Heather Williams, recently requested money. Shalabi lamented that she didn’t ask for a restraining order or an apology, but she filed the lawsuit specifically to capitalize off of the current chaotic climate surrounding his client.

“Look at what these alleged victims are doing,” Shalabi added. “Look at what books they’re writing. Look at what lawsuits they’re filing for money. That’s the motive. It’s clear.” Shalabi also stated that Kelly’s legal team has yet to come up with a strategy for his federal indictments because they’re waiting for the feds’ first move. Meanwhile, Kelly is reportedly planning a big comeback and has been working on creating new music in hopes of putting this legal headache behind him.