The release of Jordan Peele’s movie Us was met with critical acclaim. The film to date is considered 2019’s highest grossing original film with a $254.6 million dollars earned worldwide. With the overwhelming success of the horror movie Get Out which served as a commentary on the race relations (amongst other themes) in society and culture, fans knew Peele’s second movie would weigh in on another societal paradigm and leave us puzzled with reflections. As such, the movie delivered on its promise and sparked an array of fan theories with regards to the varied themes, hidden meanings and complex symbolism found herein. And with the highly-anticipated DVD release of the Lupita Nyongo-featuring movie, Peele has chosen to sit down to answer some fan questions and confirm or deny the prominent theories. This will get a lot of fans excited especially considering Jordan Peele has been pretty hush about it before.

The reports by Hollywood Reporter thoroughly detail the debunking session, but of the latter, we find a detailed explanation on the symbolism of cockroaches, shooting duality, hair care, and fashion choices, mythologizing, Hands Across America, rabbits and God and an interesting insight on Peele’s next cinematic moves in the realm of Horror.