Lil Wayne May Be Blessing Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road"

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Lil Wayne
Another day, another "Old Town Road."

Much like an actual dusty trail, "Old Town Road" is seemingly neverending. With new records broken every passing week, Lil Nas X's crossover hit has shown no signs of slowing down. Before long, it may very well stand among the world's most popular songs of all time. Even when the Billy Ray Cyrus variant does eventually show signs of tiring, Lil Nas X seems ready and willing to trot out a remix or ten. Most recently, he brought a variant with both that lovable yodeler Young Thug, and of course, WalMart's very own Mason Ramsey. Now, it would appear he's got one with Lil Wayne chilling in the cut.

Lil Wayne May Be Blessing Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road"
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XXL shared a snippet of Weezy's verse, which once again finds our protagonist dabbling the cowboy motif, like a young actor excited to partake in his first western. Though a far cry from his lyrical dominance once seen on tracks like "Dedicate" and "Big Bad Wolf," Wayne can basically churn out fire in his sleep at this point; even when he's phoning it in, he's still relatively competent. That is, of course, should you still feel invested in taking a drip down "Old Town Road."

Though, in a shockingly appropriate use of the idiom, it feels like we're beating a dead horse at this point. How many "Old Town Roads" are there going to be? We've already got Mariah Carey looking to hitch her wagon to the train, and Nas X is even looking to secure Dolly Parton and Megan Thee Stallion for another one. Are you still down with this one?

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