In this week’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, we are finally at the last episode of the season and after all the drama, fights, breakups and makeups, things are finally coming to a close. 

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


Kendra, Bambi, and Shekinah got together at Bambi’s hair extension launch and the girls caught up on the latest drama. Shekinah broke down the messy series of events which occurred on last week’s episode at Rasheeda’s mother/daughter event. Additionally, Kendra admitted although her relationship with Joc remained on the rocks because of Karlie’s shenanigans, she still missed him deeply. The women of the cast suggested that Kendra continue to give him a hard time to teach him a lesson but eventually take him back.

With Shekinah’s help, however, Joc was able to coordinate a beautiful proposal. He popped the question to Kendra and delivered a heartfelt speech about the importance she has in his life. Kendra quickly caught on that the masquerade party was actually disguised as a proposal. Both her family and friends were present, unbeknownst to her and the reveal brought Kendra to tears. And of course, said yes. Congratulations to the happy couple. 


Since the Atlanta franchise of Love & Hip Hop began, we bore witness to the tumultuous relationship between Stevie J and Mimi. It seems that no matter what comes between them, the two always find a way to be at odds with one another. In this week’s episode, Ty decided to have a secret sit-down with Stevie J to squash the ongoing beef. Stevie J agreed to publicly apologize for throwing shade at Ty on social media, but his idea of an apology did not please Mimi. As such, Ty coordinated a meeting between Stevie J, Mimi and Faith Evans.

Luckily, both Faith and Ty were able to mediate the situation, but things quickly took a sour turn when Stevie J refused to see the wrong in his way of apologizing. Eventually, insults were thrown and both Stevie J and his wife walked out. Perhaps someday, their co-parenting situation will be better, but for now, the drama continues. 


Akbar V and Pooh chopped it up in Hiram’s studio. Pooh filled Akbar in on the Karlie drama and Akbar suggested for Pooh to let it go once and for all. Pooh considered Akbar’s words and chose to leave the Karlie situation behind. Moreover, Akbar V met up with her former nemesis Spice to work on a joint track. That was until Sierra popped up on their session to apologize to Akbar V for the drama which erupted between them in the previous episodes. The two made up and buried the hatchet. 

Relatedly, the potential romance between Sierra and Scrapp DeLeon appears to have ended as Sierra was spotted at Kirk & Rasheeda’s Frost bistro opening with BK. The couple must have let bygones be bygones because Sierra announced that the couple is not only back together, but they will also be heading to Paris. In other news, Sierra also found some compromising information about Pooh and is planning on exposing her very soon. We look forward to finding out what the tea is and we can surely expect it to be messy as usual. 


Both Scrappy and Bambi are heading into their own business. The episode began with the launch of new music from Scrappy combined with the first pieces of Bambi’s new hair extension collection. It seems the two are doing well and so, despite the luring tensions between their mothers. Though Scrappy appeared to still be struggling with his car accident experience and related injuries. The rapper sat down with a friend of his who was also involved in the accident to discuss the aftermath.

On the other hand, Scrapp DeLeon is also prepping to open up his own restaurant with one of his close friends. The reality star gave a few of the cast members a taste of the oncoming cuisine and they all enjoyed it. Mostly, they were proud to see Scrapp doing so well, fresh out of jail and “making legitimate money moves.” Lastly, Rasheeda and Kirk opened up the highly-anticipated “Frost” bistro and threw an early grand opening party to celebrate their achievement. 


This season was indeed a wild ride and we can only look forward to what will go down at the reunion. Each cast member left us with some final reflections with regards to the entire season. Both Scrappy and Bambi are doing well and enjoying raising their little one. Though Scrappy still hopes that he can eventually convince Bambi to have a second child. On the other hand, Spice feels she has done right by the black hypocrisy agenda this season and truly contributed to the fight against colorism.

Sierra and BK are working on rebuilding what they had and will be embarking on a European escapade. Joc and Kendra are in the thick of planning their wedding as the season’s newly engaged couple. Karlie and Mo’ are still working on their relationship and exploring IVF options to bring a child into the world. Scrapp DeLeon has a new home and his son, King, will be living with him from now on. He is proud of the progress he has made and has finally left the street life behind. Lastly, both Kirk and Rasheeda remain committed to better their relationship and continue honoring their marriage vows.

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