Just this morning, we reported the unusually good news of R. Kelly having cleared his current child care debt (according to his lawyer), but of course, it was only a matter of time until headlines about Kelly turned sour once more. At the start of the year, we reported that the father of one of Kelly’s alleged sex cult members, Jocelyn Savage, filed a police report against R. Kelly’s manager, claiming he’s been threatening them since they appeared in the Lifetime docuseries. Her father, Timothy Savage called the police on January 3rd, saying Russell began sending them threats the morning that the docuseries aired, saying that if his support for Surviving R. Kelly continued, Russell and R. Kelly “would be forced to provide information disproving Timothy.” The information against Timothy, Russell described, would “ruin him, his reputation, business, and family because it would show him a liar.”


Now, TMZ reports that Timothy appeared in a video with his wife detailing how this father’s day was a sour one for him, as he didn’t get to spend it with his daughter. Only getting to spend father’s day with 2 of his 3 daughters, the grieving father took to wishing Kelly misfortune, saying he hopes (and believes) that next year he’ll be celebrating the occasion very differently: with R. Kelly behind bars, and his daughter back with him. Savage went on to relay a message to R. Kelly fans who have stood by the disgraced rapper through these adverse times, saying that there’s “no reason why anyone should be booking his shows” or “playing his music,” and no reason, in fact, for even or “radio stations [to be] playing his music,” calling the ones who did so “enablers” of Kelly.